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To all Echelon operatives and all who read this message, we finally welcome you to the other side beyond the veil. Now that we all have these robotic birds, let’s finally talk about the ever-coming future.

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It’s been exactly six weeks since we launched our collection to great success. And even then, all that time still isn’t enough to process everything that has transpired since the beginning of August of last year. This was an adventure unlike any other, and we thank every single one of you who believed in our vision of what Dronies might be in the future.

The world never sleeps; it keeps marching on forward. The adventure hasn’t ended. Every ending has a new beginning. And today we’re announcing the genesis of something new. So today I want to address the big ostrich in the room: Where we are at with the roadmap, and “hold on a minute… What is the vision of Dronies?”

Without further ado, I want to present you with our vision of Dronies solidified in our brand:

Page out of our style guide with following excerpt: “We are leading storytellers and builders of premium entertainment experiences in and outside the web3 space.”

Our aspiration is “To be leading storytellers and builders of premium entertainment experiences in or outside the web3 space.” — this image is taken from our new brand guideline, that showcases our bold vision in our new Dronie Green color. You can find our ever evolving brand style guide and illustration style guide here.

Vision demystified

As you can see we are marching towards a two-fold vision, through creation of:

  1. Premium Web3 Products & Utilities like the Echelon (Previously called Workshop).
  2. Premium Experiences like Video games, Comic Books, Interactive storytelling websites, and TV shows.

Each direction has a symbiotic relationship to the other. Web3 products breathe life and sustenance into our economy; it’s the hand that keeps us all fed. At the same time, these premium experiences market our brand to a bigger audience. Such undertakings establish rapport, trust, brand awareness, and reputation. That, in turn, fuels the Web3 economy even further.

The goal is to offer premium experiences on both ends, to you, our savvy lambo mooning holders, and to the world that is yet to learn about Crypto, NFT’s and Dronies.

Let’s get down to business

It takes a lot of time to establish a foundation. A launchpad for your vision. Create processes that have fail-safes upon fail-safes. Plans behind plans. Most importantly, to gather a team that you believe in, and can depend upon.

And we’ve been doing just that. As people at GenesysGo have put it so eloquently.

Building a successful project is like building a skyscraper. The strength of the foundation is directly correlated with how large it can be.
The “WEN MOON” crowd wants you to spend the least amt of time on your foundation. Ignore them. BUIDL that foundation strong.

At the time we didn’t realize just how strong of a foundation we built, but it’s clear that the potential has only continued to grow as more and more people learn about Dronies and its humble beginnings. We’re committed to making sure we continue to build on the success already experienced.

I want to present to you the HOW part of the vision above. Welcome to our Dronies Initiatives board, please have a look around.

Here’s a small recap of everything that is currently happening within our walls:

Dronies as an Entertainment brand

  • Brand — Corrected inconsistencies in Logo usage, colors and typefaces in an ever-widening line of products and initiatives, and re-establish the image and voice of Dronies as a multimedia company.
  • Illustration — Created illustration guideline document that will be used by us going forward to create consistent looking media.
  • Story Writing — Plot summary of each chapter for two years worth of story and beyond.
  • Website Redesign — Started the creation of the new Dronies page, a hub that allows everyone to get the latest scoop on all of our initiatives.
  • Merch — Created and released the first drop, with five new drops coming throughout the Spring.
  • Video Game — Conceptualizing gameplay ideas for a high-end premium video game.
  • TV Series — getting to know people within the professional film industry and finding out the prices to create short stories or full-length tv-episodes. We’re also discussing with tv studios who are interested in working together to bring Dronies to life due to the robust and unique storyline we have.
  • Comic Book — Signed contract with industry leaders working on the best comic series in the space that we all know and love. They will help us work on our comic and find the right teammates needed to build a full team to produce the Dronies comic. Specifics and announcements coming out soon.
  • Story telling — Establishing an ever evolving, interactive web experience that will allow us to expand our way of storytelling through a unified interactive interface.

Dronies as an NFT Project

  • Hired a Community Manager (Will) to re-engage with the community and establish better communications.
  • Echelon (Previously called Workshop) — Meeting with vendors that would deliver an interactive WEB3 dApp. More details to come once we finalize details with these partners.
  • Meetups — Had successful first meetup, with more planned later this year (announcements coming soon).
  • Conferences — Having preliminary talks about conference organization and reaching out to speakers as well as looking into more connection driven experiences for a smaller amount of attendees.
  • Utilities — We are organizing a group within Dronies that will be focused on creating and delivering additional utilities for our holders.

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What’s On Our Radar

So…what is coming out soon? We feel very confident that our first issue of the Comic Book will be delivered by the end of Spring or beginning of Summer! Once we announce who is actually involved, it will blow your socks off, and we will be able to announce delivery dates soon. Brand refresh has been already delivered to us, and more merch is on the way. And our fellow sleuths, we can’t wait for you to get back to finding clues again in the evidence channel! The first drip of content coming the first week of April, with more to follow in the following months. And we can’t share everything that is yet to come!

Over the course of the following weeks, we will establish a clear line of communication between our team and all of you. Expect more blog posts going into details of items above.

Remember, this is just the beginning… they are always watching.

David Svezhintsev — Project Director & everyone from the Dronies team ♥