Dronies Website 2.0: We are putting the finishing touches on all of the initial content that will fill out our site as well as tweaking a few minor last minute changes to small design elements. Our EOW release date is looking good barring any unforeseen setbacks.

Metaverse Space: We mentioned in our Townhall last week that we are going to be moving forward with the creation of a Metaverse space. We will be sharing a Very early preview of what the barebones prototype looks like later this week.

Staking: Our staking partner is finishing up their cleanup of the software repository, once that is finished then we can be hands-on on our end to ‘Droniefy’ it (I tried to make it sound right). The community vote for the naming of our token will be here sooner than you think, so start brainstorming your favorite options.

Story/Comic: Is going to be released through various avenues. In the immediate future, we plan on releasing more in 💼︱the-dossier on Thursdays, starting this Thursday. This will be followed by the story missions on the staking platform. To round off the release of the story in the future we will of course have our Comic Issues being released! We have planned for 6 issues as of right now and have just gotten back the edits of the characters and story outlines for all 6 issues. Once the art development starts going full-steam ahead we can share out awesome sneak-peaks of these for everyone.