Lets take a look back at February for Dronies and recap everything that happened!

1-Year Anniversary event:
The month started out with our 1-year Anniversary event, a milestone for the project where we celebrated the community of amazing holders that we have cultivated over the course of our first year. We shared a bunch of great merch sneak peaks, chatted with some of our peers at other projects, minted the second collection of comic NFTs for issue #2, and gave away prizes throughout the day.

We recently just added the first issue of the Dronies comic series to the "Icebrary" created by friends over at Icebreakers NFT. Here you will be able to enjoy stories created by various projects on Solana, eliminating the need to join hundreds of projects individually! The cover for comic issue #3 was also revealed during the month of February which will be released during the first half of March 2023. This new issue will mark the halfway point for the first run of Dronies comics.

$INTEL House:
February saw a great selection of different offerings for $INTEL raffles, headlined by 2 Gold doubloons being given out back to back. In order to push the utility and possible use-cases of $INTEL we are building out trait-based raffles. These new raffles will NOT replace the old traditional ones, but rather will give us and our holders the opportunity to host specific raffles for those who own Dronies with particular traits (similar with what we did for the Liquid Capital presale spots back in January). We expect this to be finished in the first few weeks of March so stay tuned for more info!

Fractionalized Dronie, ABC, and $HADES:
We are working with one of the artists from HGE's "ABC" collection to bring a Dronie in their style to life! This Dronie will be fractionalized into pieces (TBD on the exact amount). These pieces will emit $HADES that we earn from Underworld NFTs which we have started to buy. Dronie holders will of course have the first shot at obtaining these. We also have another secret in store that we are waiting to share that will come out of this collaboration... more info on this soon.

Those of you who were in our 1-year Anniversary fireside chat saw some of our merch concepts that we have been iterating on for our next merch drop! We are meeting with our merch manufacturer/distributor soonto discuss next steps so that we can drop something that is better than either of our previous ones. Holder discounts/advantages for merch is on the forefront of our minds and is something we are working on to make possible for the next drop as well. Lookout for sneak peaks shared on Discord/Twitter to see what is coming and to share any feedback that you may have! We want this to be something you would wear even if you never knew of Dronies.

The Dronies validator is still going strong with 65k $SOL staked earning an average of 7.82% APY, currently landing us in the top 30 of all Solana validators in terms of performance.

We have also recently gotten back in touch with the Portals team so that we can work together on creating some awesome things for Dronies in unison with their utilities, sneak peaks and more info on this will be shared once we get later in the planning/development phase of this collaboration.

March Madness is right around the corner and Dronies will have community events all throughout the tournament! No knowledge of basketball is needed, just join when the event starts and hop into all of the activities throughout it!

That is all of the main happenings during the month of February! March will bring a lot more sneak beaks and some of the things that we have been working to fruition so that our holders can start to be enjoy them! Right now we are focusing on taking our current utilities to the next level through expanding their scope and capabilities. We are also always on the lookout for new opportunities in the space that Dronies can partake in or take advantage of, so if you see something that you would love to see Dronies in then let us know! That's all for now, Operatives. Stay Vigilant.