Lets take a look back at March for Dronies and recap everything that happened!

$INTEL House:
March saw the addition of trait-based raffles to the $INTEL House. This allows us and members of the community to support individual raffles that are intended for holders of certain Dronie traits. We will continue to support these through both team and community sponsored raffles on a regular basis. There are still a few issues to iron out but the experience so far has been smooth! Once we pin down final problems with this new raffle-type then we will look to the future to see what other additions we can make to our staking platform to bring it to the next level.

Issue #3 of the Dronies comic series was released at the end of the month! Follow Stewart, Canary, and the other members of the team as they pursue more information about what they discovered at the end of issue #2. Comic issue #3 and the issues that follow will of course only be available to holders on our staking platform. We are working on setting up the mint for issue #3 NFTs currently and plan to have that go out for holders during the month of April!

Fractionalized Dronie:
Continuing from last month's discussion, we have received some preliminary artwork back from one of the ABC artists of a Dronie in the style of that collection! We are working with them to pin down some final changes before we begin work on fractionalizing this artwork into pieces that will earn their holders $HADES. More info to come on the specifics of these pieces, but Dronie holders will of course have the first chance to receive them.

Nokiamon Collab:
We worked with the team over at Nokiamon to create a unique, Dronies-inspired open edition Nokiamon NFT. Known as 'Karii', this Nokiamon will be available to use in their upcoming game (you can probably guess what it is reminiscent of). We worked with them on creating the Nokiamon as well as the icon set they use in their 'Nokiadex' app. This initiative helped us create a wonderful connection to the 1/1 community, generated income for Dronies, and provided holders with a approachable entrance into their project. 'Karii' NFTs are sitting around 5 $SOL right now and we will look to pursue other opportunities with their team should the opportunity arise!

The Dronies validator is still going strong with 75k $SOL staked earning an average of 7.78% APY, currently landing us in the top 12 of all Solana validators in terms of performance.

After a week break at the Creative South conference at the end of March, the team is back in action to work on new merch drops, looking into 3D Dronies, and more! We are also looking to double down on marketing; i.e. seeing what has worked in the past or for other projects who have successfully drawn attention to their community & brands.

Due to unforeseen restrictions for international folks as well as scheduling conflicts, the March Madness event did not take place as planned. Those who entered into the bracket group or submitted one via DM will still receive $INTEL prizes as a thank you for your interest. The next major event will take place on May the 4th in the theme of a Star-Wars celebration.

That's everything major that occurred in March for the world of Dronies! We will continue to build out on ideas and improve on feedback during the month of April, with a big focus on marketing and reinvigorating community efforts so that the day to day life of a holder can be more interactive, memorable, and exciting. Please feel free to give us any feedback or let us know what you would like to see from utility to events, even if we have heard it before! Thank you all for being an outstanding group of holders, we can't wait to see what the future will bring.