The first month of 2023 started out with a bang for holders. We saw the release of comic issue #2, comic NFTs integrated into staking, and more! Continue reading for a breakdown on all things that happened in Dronies during January 2023.

Right after the Unfold Christmas break the team was back in action for the New Year! Staking for comic NFTs was integrated right away, allowing holders to earn some extra $INTEL to spend in the $INTEL House based off of the rarity they hold. Here is the breakdown of what each one earns:

-Plastic: 5 $INTEL per day
-Silver: 10 $INTEL per day
-Gold: 25 $INTEL per day

Following this came the release of comic issue #2 where the story of Stewart and friends continues as they chase the mystery of the Dronies. Along with this release we introduced comic gating, making it so that new comics are for holders only! This and following issues are able to read in the comics tab of our staking site for holders who have at least 1 Dronie staked.

In January we also saw the $INTEL House packed with great offerings such as an Elixir: Ovol, Sharx by, and Liquid Capital Gold doubloon presale spots! Hopefully you were able to accrue enough $INTEL to enter in each of the raffles that you wanted and continue to do so as these raffles wont stop anytime soon. We are always looking new ideas to include so drop us a message to let us know what you would like to see! You can see and participate in ongoing raffles at anytime in the $INTEL House.

The Dronies Validator continued to perform strongly in the month of January, remaining among the top 40 of all Solana nodes with an average of ~7% APY and 0% commission as always. With 67k SOL in total being staked we will continue to provide decentralization for the Solana community. You can learn more about our validator and read interesting statistics about it here.

The team will finish out the month working in preparation for the 1-Year of Dronies event taking place on February 2nd, celebrating the time that has passed since we first minted! Be on the lookout on our Twitter and in the Discord for information regarding all of the activities, chats, and rewards given out during that day!

That's all for now, Operatives! We hope that you will continue to build with us as we progress towards becoming one of the top projects in the space. We look forward to the coming months as we plan out and execute on new ideas to bring holders value and the recognition that they deserve.

Stay Vigilant,

Willie | Community Manager